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Watches - After Sales and Servicing 

Guarantee Period 
All Clocks and Watches either sold from our showroom or repaired in our workshops are covered by a comprehensive one year guarantee, but we are frequently asked, after the guarantee period 'what then?'. 
Our recommendation is that periodically your treasured item is returned for servicing and subsequently we would then provide you a further one year guarantee. 
Regular Servicing 
'What is involved in a servicing? And why does my watch need one?'. you may well ask, and the answer is simple.  
A regular service of your time piece (every 3 to 5 years) ensures your treasured watch is kept in tip-top condition and in good working order. Over time the lubrication deteriorates and attracts impurities, turning into a grinding paste! Minute dirt particles get into the mechanism which affects the running and cause parts to fail. Regular servicing reduces the risk of this happening. 
When we service your watch, it is completely broken down to the lowest level and every part individually inspected. With a mechanical watch having approximately 130 parts, this process in itself take time, The parts are cleaned, repaired or replaced where necessary, reassembled, re-lubricated and re-calibrated Where applicable the case and bracelet are also cleaned and, if required, refinished to an 'as new' condition. The same refinishing process can be applied to quartz watches when a new battery is fitted. 
Please bear in mind that if your watch is very old the required parts may have to be manufactured by us or externally sourced, all of which takes additional time. 
Once your watch is re-assembled, it is tested, and where required, resealed. It will then undergo a final quality control check and be ready to be reunited with you. 
Please allow 4 to 6 weeks, from your 'proceed' instruction for the servicing of modern mechanical and quartz wrist watches. Vintage watches may take several months because of the need to source or make up parts. 
Quartz Battery Replacement and Reseal 
If your quartz watch has stopped or is 'jumping' forward several seconds at a time, the chances are it needs a new battery. If a dead battery is left inside your watch the battery may 'leak' and subsequently ruin the mechanism. We can supply and fit most batteries while you wait and where required reseal the watch to make it water resistant. Please see the chart below as a guide to the water resistance as detailed on your watch. 
We have in-house Rolex equipment that can be used to test for water resistance and will even pressure test your watch to a depth of 1220 metres, when required. 
Standard pressure test. 
Condensation test. 
Deep pressure test. 
Deep pressure WPT1 Fathometre detail. 
Dial and Case Restoration 
If your watch face has deteriorated and is looking dull and 'sorry' for itself we can offer a restoration service. The result will still be your original dial but it will be free of rust, marks and discoloration, etc. 
As an example, from this, to this >>>>>>>>>. 
Similarly for casework we can refinish to near original condition. 
Again from this, to this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. 
Part Jobs 
If you have the need, we can undertake 'part jobs' such as the fitting of replacement crowns, new glass, hands, new straps, modifying bracelet length, etc. Obviously we can only guarantee the work we actually do, there is no guarantee that the untouched aspects of your watch will perform any better than when the watch was brought in to us. A full service is always our primary recommendation. 
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